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Norcan is determined to promote work conditions and attitudes within the company that ensure that quality, safety and productivity receive a balance of consideration from all employees. As a way to ensure that all of Norcan’s employees meet our clients’ needs and expectations, our entire staff is trained in the Environmental Management Systems policies and procedures of each client. Seasonally, Norcan employs a staff of 20 individuals; below you will find the key project management staff.

In addition, Norcan staff are also qualified according to the industry standard certifications for:

  • Occupational First Aid Level 1
  • Transportation Endorsement
  • S-100 Fire Suppression
  • Bear Awareness
  • ATV/UTV Training Certification
  • B.C. Forest Safety Council Safe Certified Company
  • Work Safe COR Certification (5157800420140205HS)
Normand Canuel (M.A., B.A. B.Sc.)
President / Senior Archaeologist

As president of Norcan Consulting Ltd., Mr. Canuel offers his clients over 40 years of archaeological and forestry management experience including thousands of field assessments. Mr. Canuel has been involved in the establishment and management of three consulting firms; and has worked as a planning forester, forest operations manager, timber cruiser, road and harvesting supervisor and in fire management. As an archaeologist, Mr. Canuel has managed and conducted archaeological excavations, archaeological impact assessments, built predictive models and managed archaeological inventories throughout British Columbia, Kentucky, Texas, Washington, Guatemala, Yukon and Alaska.

In addition, Mr. Canuel has managed field crews in excess of 150 people. A guest lecturer at UNBC, Mr. Canuel’s extensive background in Central British Columbia archaeology, forestry and landscape management planning puts him at the forefront of integrated resource managers and he plays the lead role for Norcan as a database and predictive model developer. His understanding of GIS, databases and modelling ensures that the client receives the most comprehensive, up to date and reliable data and predictive models.

Norcan Consulting Ltd
Normand Canuel

Norcan Consulting Ltd
Brian Pritchard
Brian Pritchard (M.A., B.A.)
Project Manager

Mr. Pritchard brings over 20 years of Canada-wide experience in archival research and archaeology, specializing in central and northern B.C. He has also held professional positions as archaeological lab analyst, university teaching assistant, technical writer, project supervisor and management. Mr. Pritchard has supervised hundreds of projects in the central interior of British Columbia, including gravel quarries, forestry developments, highways, mines, pipelines and transmission lines.

Mr. Pritchard has participated in the organization and implementation of hundreds of projects to meet the needs of clients, community members, repositories and regulatory bodies. He has demonstrated the ability to consult professionally and effectively with clients, and involve and respect all interested First Nations. Mr. Pritchard has worked in various urban and remote settings, and can confidently supervise and mentor people in the field, and liaise with project stakeholders including clients, First Nations and Government.

Rebecca Lewthwaite (B.Sc.)
Project Manager / Archaeologist

Ms. Lewthwaite has been working with Norcan for eight years after earning her degree. After her first year with the company she was moved up to field supervisor and today manages the office and field crews. Ms. Lewthwaite works in the lead position at Norcan, forecasting work load and scheduling staff to meet the needs of our clients. During her time with Norcan, she has supervised hundreds of AIAs and AOAs in the central interior of British Columbia.

Ms. Lewthwaite is also our health and safety auditor and maintains Norcan’s SAFE and COR certifications, running and implementing policies and safe practices and promoting a culture of safety at work.

Norcan Consulting Ltd
Rebecca Lewthwaite

Norcan Consulting Ltd
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez (Lic., B.A.)
Field Director

Mr. Gomez has a Licentiate/M.A in Archaeology from the University of Costa Rica and he has been with Norcan for over 11 years. He is an approved Field Director for projects in British Columbia and is licensable to conduct and manage archaeological projects in Costa Rica. He brings over 15 years of archaeological and cultural resource management experience to the company. Mr. Gomez has a variety of field experience, ranging from Costa Rica, Panama, the Yukon and British Columbia.

He has supervised and conducted archaeological impact assessments, archaeological mitigation excavations, research and excavation projects, and managed field crews. His comprehensive field skills, prudent project management and dedication to archaeology allow him to play a key role in the Norcan team.

Evan Hardy B.A ,M.A.

An Osteologist by training, Evan also has 6 years of archaeological background and complements our team with his expertise. Bringing international experience to Norcan, Evan has published several articles. His research interest has primarily consisted of using bioarchaeological data from human skeletal remains, in addition to medical literature, and the historic record to examine human health and lifeways in past populations. This research includes studies on temporal and spatial population health between China's Neolithic to Dynastic period, a bioarchaeological examination of a late Bronze Age Inner Mongolian archaeological site, and two case studies on hitherto unidentified paleopathological conditions.

Norcan Consulting Ltd
Evan Hardy

Norcan Consulting Ltd
Alexander Wolf
Alexander Wolf (B.Sc Applied Computer Science)
Software Engineer

Mr. Wolf’s passion has been software development since 1999. He has pursued this career throughout college and university, graduating from The Institute of Computer Science in Göttingenin, Germany. With countless hours of experience, he has worked in a variety of technological fields. These include software for everyday computers and laptops running Windows, Linux and Mac, developing software and hardware for embedded devices with arm processors that run a customized version of Linux for lower powered processors with less space, and mobile devices which are a special type of embedded device because the operating system is already present and can only be extended in the form of apps.

He is fluent in most of the common programming and markup languages. Mr. Wolf has developed educational, Relations Management and field application software. Over his career Mr. wolf has work for Universities, industry and consulting firms. Mr. wolf has been employed by Norcan for 3 years.

Mary H. Reyers (A. App. Sci.)
G.I.S. Specialist

Ms. Reyers has an Advanced Diploma of Technology in G.I.S. from the College of New Caledonia, a Bachelors of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta and a Diploma of Technology in Control Electronics from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Ms. Reyers has been providing quality mapping and GIS support to Norcan for over 9 years. Her 20 years of GIS and Engineering experience have been a great asset to our field crews.

Norcan Consulting Ltd
Mary H. Reyers

Norcan Consulting Ltd