Database Development
We may plan in advance for the impact of change, or we may wait until change forces us to react. In order to move forward, develop our business and improve the management of environmental resources not only in B.C., but through out Canada it is time for an integrated development that is functional, easy to use and most of all cost effective. To this end Norcan develops a variety of database applications that can be hosted in a web based environment or on an Intranet.
The applications are developed with a combination of Microsoft Access and the Web Application Management (WAM!) Framework. MS Access will be used for data storage and tables and WAM for the interactive web interface application. User management is complex within MS Access. Those familiar with workgroup files and the native permission features, as well as the ad hoc security included in Access usually develop totally unmanaged applications. With WAM it is painfully simple to manage users, groups and permissions. The setup logic is central to the application and fully controlled by the administrator.
Database Screen Shots